positive intelligenceI heard Shirzad Chamine speak earlier this year and was really taken with his message. That message is detailed in Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential.

Chamine has developed the concept of Positive Intelligence (PQ) which measures the percentage of time that your mind is serving you vs. the time it is sabotaging you. As someone who really values happiness and peace of mind, I love the idea of being able to quantify how much time I spend in that positive frame of mind, rather than letting my “monkey mind” take over and dwell on negative or anxious thoughts. But even better is the promise of being able to learn to quiet that monkey mind and strengthen what Chamine calls the Sage.

One of the Sage’s powers is to help you choose between alternatives based on an internal compass. To activate that power, Chamine suggests you imagine yourself at the end of your life, looking back on the choices you are facing. Then ask yourself, from that place, looking back, what do you wish you had chosen? What values do you wish you had exemplified? I think this is a great way to gain perspective, and to “go to the balcony” as one of my colleagues puts it.

I’m doing a 30 day challenge to strengthen my PQ – I’ll report back in early February to let you know how I made out!

For more information on Positive Intelligence, visit  positiveintelligence.com. They have assessments to measure your PQ score, tools to strengthen your PQ, and a lot of other resources.