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“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”  

Madeleine Albright



My own “aha” moment about helping other women came many years ago, when I was looking for role models of women who successfully managed a high powered career and a vibrant personal life. I started with my dearest friends, who included two Harvard educated lawyers and a Harvard educated doctor. All three of them had made the choice to downshift their own careers in order to accommodate their families, while their husbands continued on their upward climb.

It really got me thinking, both about how lucky they were to be able to make those choices, and how hard it is for women to maintain momentum in both their careers and family lives, and especially to do both at the same time.

Fast forward to today. I am privileged to work in women’s leadership development at a prestigious college. I learn about the latest research on women in organizations, and how to help women executives navigate the corporate culture to gain the leadership positions they aspire to. I have learned so much about how women are perceived in the workforce, and the implications that has for them in negotiating, leading teams, communicating, and being seen as a leader.

As a coach, I draw on all of that knowledge, as well as a deep understanding of the coaching process, to coach a select group of high performing women who work in male-dominated organizations. Together we establish goals and develop strategies for managing a highly successful work and personal life, using whatever criteria for success are most relevant to them. I am passionate about helping women reach their potential and contribute fully at work and at home.

I worked in the IT industry for many years before moving into academia in 2004. I have an MBA with honors from Boston University, and am an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and an ICF Certified Coach.